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Restore-Episode 0017-Faith For Today: Mike Tucker
September 29, 2017 Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Welcome to the Restore Podcast episode 17. My name is Javier and I'm your host. I want to thank everyone once again for listening and sharing this podcast. Our desire remains the same, to share stories and speak on relevant topics that will help restore the mission, restore the vision, restore the church.

In this episode episode, I am truly excited for you to listen to my conversation with Mike Tucker. Mike is Speaker/Director for Faith For Today. It is the oldest religious television broadcast in the world.

In our conversation, Mike speaks a bit about his journey in ministry leading to joining Faith For Today. Yet, we spend a good amount of time talking about grief, as Mike's wife, Gayle, passed away last year in April. This is something we all at some point have or will experience. I really appreciate his willingness to be open and transparent in how he dealt with losing his long-time companion Gayle, and where he's at now. We end by touching a bit on the current climate of the church.

The topic of grief is perhaps something that we don’t talk about much. I hope you will share this episode with someone, anyone, you think would be helpful for them.

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