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Restore-Episode 0013-Is Public Evangelism Dead? Roger Hernandez - Richie Halversen
March 29, 2017 Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Hello everyone and welcome to the Restore Podcast episode 13. I am your host, Javier Diaz, and I hope this podcast helps to restore the vision, restore the mission, restore the church.

I want to thank you for taking time and listening to the Restore podcast, and I pray that whatever you might be doing—driving, running, cooking, whatever it might be—that perhaps you will be challenged, encouraged, and blessed by today's topic.

As I was preparing for this episode which I've titled, Is Public Evangelism Dead?, I came across an article in Ministry Magazine—an international journal for pastors published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which many of you know about. The article was entitled, Is Public Evangelism Obsolete? I found it incredible interesting that I would find such a headline published more than 30 years ago when some are asking the same question today.

In this episode, I speak to Roger Hernandez, ministerial and evangelism director for Southern Union Conference, and Richie Halversen, senior pastor of College Drive Church and church planting director for Gulf States Conference. Both are very passionate and actively engaged in public evangelism. At the time I recorded the interview, they were both about to begin meetings. We had a great conversation about what public evangelism is, whether it still a viable means of reaching people, money, and more. I believe you will find the conversation very intriguing.

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