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Restore-Episode 0009-The Story of Southview Church in Minneapolis, MN as a Center of Influence: Dustin Hall
October 28, 2016 Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Hello and welcome to the Restore Podcast episode 9. I am your host, Javier Diaz.

The Restore Podcast continues to expand its reach, and that is due thanks to all of you that are listening and also telling others about this podcast. We truly hope the content that we are delivering will be helpful to you in someway on your journey of restoring the mission we have as the church.

I want to encourage you to consider attending our Restore Conference January 30-31, 2017, here in Orlando, Florida. It's looking to be an incredible two days of worship, praise, learning, and connecting. You can get more information and register at

I'm excited to share my conversation with Pastor Dustin Hall, senior pastor of Southview Seventh-day Adventist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You might remember Dustin who was part of our panel discussion for episode 6.

Southview Church has experienced incredible growth in the last couple of years and is on a journey to have the church be a center of influence in the twin cities area.

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