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Restore-Episode 0006-Social Justice & The Church: Ivan Williams - Tim Nichols - Myron Edmonds - Dustin Hall - Nelson Fernandez
July 19, 2016 Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

This month's episode is a candid panel discussion about some of the social issues that have dominated the news. Part of the goal of this particular episode, along with creating a space to have this conversation, is also to dialogue about how the Church should respond to what has been happening. As you listen, it will most likely evoke differentiating opinions. This is, in part, what this episode is about. We need to have these conversations and listen to each other as well.

The diverse panel consisted of the following pastors: Ivan Williams, Ministerial Secretary for the Adventist Church in North America; Tim Nichols, Florida Conference Vice President for Pastoral Ministries; Myron Edmonds, Pastor of Glenview Church in Cleveland, Ohio; Dustin Hall, Pastor of Southview Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Nelson Fernandez, Pastor of two churches in the Greenville/Clemson region of South Carolina.

NOTES: We experienced technically difficulty approximately 10 minutes into the main discussion which lasted sporadically for five minutes. The recording is clear after that segment, so please press on through. Also, in the past couple episodes, we've concluded by asking guests a fun/lighthearted question, and we do finish this episode in such a manner. We hope you enjoy.

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